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i put my feet up on the coffee table
i stay up late watching cable
i like old movies with clark gable
just like my dad does

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getting old: the theme song

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top 3 track of the year so far omg

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i saw modern baseball back in march in cleveland, when they were supporting the wonder years. tonight, i saw them again at the smiling moose in pittsburgh. when someone in the front row spoke up and said they were at the cleveland show, jacob ewald laughed: “that show was scary.”

tonight wasn’t quite as scary. there were far fewer crowdsurfing pop-punk bro types and not as many sweaty kids in a day to remember t-shirts getting trampled by the pop-punk bros. (ewald was right: i almost passed out at that cleveland gig, when the wonder years were playing “the devil in my bloodstream.” i even had to miss “my last semester.” total bummer) but tonight was a lot more exciting.

probably the worst part of my day arrived in a tweet from the hotelier, who were supposed to be on tonight’s bill, announcing that they had popped two tires en route to pittsburgh and wouldn’t be making tonight’s show. pretty weak but i feel for them. i might drive down to d.c. in august to see them; after all, they put out my favorite album of 2014 so far.

the obviously talented - but not very good - sorority noiseopened with a lot of songs about self-loathing and girlfriends. very standard. they were really cool people actually. brendan lukens was out with pneumonia, so the lead vocalist for sorority noise filled in during mobo’s set. tiny moving parts were next and they absolutely “blew the roof off” or whatever the idiom is. their guitar player was wildly talented and strongly resembled my friend wade from high school. wade moved to atlanta last year to try and get his band off the ground. i really hope he’s doing alright. either way, yeah, i’ll definitely be on the lookout for the new tiny moving parts lp later this year.

modern baseball opened their set with “re-do,” which i’m not too hot about, and “tears over beers,” which i’m pretty hot about, and i felt like a loser when i realized how few words to that song i knew. then they pulled out some of the hits from this year’s you’re gonna miss it all, one of my favorite 2014 records: “broken cash machine,” “rock bottom,” and “charlie black.” they closed with “the weekend” and “your graduation.” during “your grad,” i crowdsurfed, which is something i usually complain about, but that i’ve learned to accept. also i was just feeling it tonight. if you really love the band you’re seeing and the crowd is into it, yeah, go ahead crowdsurf or w/e. please don’t be the guy (yes it’s always a guy 100% of the time) who tries to crowdsurf like nine times throughout the show because i will drop your sorry ass.

no encore. it happens.


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someone’s gonna do something someone else will regret

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Alright dude I’m gonna work out I’ll see u later
*parks in a sunny parking spot* *closes all windows in car* *puts on death grips* *stays there for 2 hours*